Jorge Garcia
PO Box 363415 San Juan, PR 00918 | 7875316659

Technology Solutions:

  • Provide strategic guidance to clients on general technology and IT infrastructures
  • Provide expert technical assistance to clients, including training and feedback
  • Meet with clients to determine project requirements and goals; define the scope of the partnership, plan timelines, and set deadlines
  • Travel to client locations to collaborate on projects
  • Communicate with staff at all levels of client organizations
  • Conduct research as needed to gain a thorough understanding of customers’ system specifications, work practices, and the nature of the business
  • Define client hardware, software, and network requirements
  • Analyze customers’ IT needs; provide independent and objective advice for improvement
  • Develop solutions and present proposals to clients orally and in writing
  • Implement agreed-upon solutions for new and improved IT systems
  • Assist clients through the change-management process
  • Design, test, install and monitor IT systems
  • Prepare documentation and progress reports for clients
  • Create training materials for client users and other consultants
  • Identify potential clients; build and maintain contacts

Contact Jorge Garcia

Address: PO Box 363415 San Juan, PR 00918

Phone: 7875316659

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Email: jigservers @
Business Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm
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